Advantages Of Jumbo Roll Subuimation Paper Manufacturers

  • The white kraft paper of A4 & A3 Sublimation Manufacturers is the same as the A4 paper that we usually print in office. It is white and very smooth. So many people think that if white kraft paper is used instead of A4 paper, I wonder if it is feasible? Can white kraft paper be printed like A4 paper? Let's analyze it with you below.

    White kraft paper is generally made of wood pulp, so the performance of the paper is very good, whether it is smoothness, breakability, and folding resistance are not a problem. Because white kraft paper is mainly used for printing and then made into paper bags and handbags, the advantages of white kraft paper are definitely better than A4.

    Speaking of printing, white kraft paper can definitely be printed. Why do you say that? As a professional supplier of white kraft paper, we have tried printing the number and paper name or label on the white kraft paper as a sample book. The printed effect will not be inferior to that of A4 paper, so white kraft paper can be printed. ‍

    Although white kraft paper can be printed, it may not be realistic if you try to replace the A4 paper used in office with white kraft paper. Because the cost of white kraft paper is much higher than the cost of A4 paper, if you want to print on A4 paper in large quantities, we do not agree to use white kraft paper to replace A4 paper. If it is printed on a small amount of white kraft paper and used for special purposes, print it out with white kraft paper from Jumbo Roll Subuimation Paper Manufacturers, and then promote it. This effect is much better than that of A4 paper.