Hdht Dye Sublimation Paper Do You Know

  •    Nowadays, HDHT Dye Sublimation Paper is mostly based on large-format printing machines, and its main application is the principle of thermal transfer process. How much do you know about garment printing machines? The editor below will come to popular science.
       There are two main working principles of thermal transfer printers: one is piezoelectric printing, and the other is thermal foaming principle. Piezoelectric printing is to change the current size of the tiny piezoelectric ceramic pieces of the print head through computer control to generate different pressures to eject ink from the nozzles to form images of different shades. This printing solution is suitable for thermal transfer. So what are the products used in thermal transfer? That's a lot. In our lives, such as clothing tags, train tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags, labels in mobile phone cases, etc., are all realized by thermal transfer technology.
       Then why use the thermal transfer process? What are the benefits and advantages of the thermal transfer process for printing?
    First, it can make the pattern not deformed and faded for a long time, and it will withstand the test of time, and will not be deformed or discolored due to the influence of high temperature or solvent. This requires the use of special material printing media to ensure the stability of the pattern. General printing technologies, including inkjet technology, cannot meet this requirement, so the thermal transfer process has emerged.
    Second, this HDHT Jumbo Roll Sublimation Paper printer uses a carbon ribbon to transfer the coating of the ribbon to the thermal transfer paper by heating. The coating material on the ribbon can produce strong adhesion and ensure the printed handwriting. No interference from any environment.