Characteristics Of Kraft Paper Wholesale


          China FOOD PAPER Manufacturers' coated cow card paper is commonly called white-faced cow card in China. It is usually paper with one side white and one side cowhide color, ranging from 175-450g. In recent years, with the rapid development of society, the use of coated cattle cardboard has been increasing, and it will be used in all walks of life, and it has grown rapidly in my country's paper market.

            The coated cattle cardboard is a natural brown baseboard, and the wood pulp fiber does not pollute the environment without bleaching. The packaging waste paper can be reproduced, melted and decomposed, and has the advantages of environmental protection.

    Coated cattle cardboard has a wide range of uses. The cardboard surface is bright and smooth, and the printing effect is perfect. It can be used for the packaging of beautifully designed toy packaging, electronic products, household appliances, wine, beauty products and personal hygiene care products.

            KRAFT PAPER Wholesale's coated cattle cardboard has the characteristics of high anti-explosion, high tear resistance and damage resistance. It can replace corrugated cardboard packaging with outstanding effects. It is widely used in auto parts, household appliances, hardware and tool packaging. The moisture-proof card with moisture-proof and freeze-proof function will not deform after freezing, and the tearing degree is much higher than that of ordinary cardboard. Therefore, it can be used for the outer packaging of cold drinks, quick-frozen foods, bottled or canned drinks that require refrigeration. Coated cow cardboard that meets the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration can directly contact food and drugs, is not easily contaminated and has no unpleasant smell, so it can be used safely and hygienically in chocolate and candies, biscuits and pastries, drugs, Fast food boxes, noodles and other products. The above is the introduction of the editor.


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