A4 Sublimation Paper Performance Introduction

  • Evaluation of the performance of A4 sublimation paper:
    (1) Print quality" is characterized by color density and the quality level of color images. Use an inkjet printer to print solid color blocks and multi-color patterns in four colors of black, cyan, yellow, and magenta on light-colored thermal transfer paper to test the color density and evaluate the quality level of color images.
    ①After measuring the color density of 4 pure color blocks, take the average value as the color density value of the paper sample;
    ②The image quality is divided into A, B, C 3 grades by visual observation method. The printed image is clear, no bleeding occurs, and the details are clearly expressed, which is recorded as grade A; the printed image is basically clear, with slight color bleeding, and the detail performance is poor, recorded as grade B; the printed image is blurred and the color bleeding is serious. Recorded as grade C. Thermal transfer paper
    (2) Transfer performance test the color density of the pure color blocks on the light-colored heat transfer paper and the printing fabric before and after transfer with a reflection densitometer. Divide the average color density of the 4 color blocks on the fabric by the print on the paper sample before transfer The average color density of the color block, and the resulting ratio is defined as the transfer rate. The higher the transfer rate, the better the transfer performance.
    (3) Color fastness to washing: Wash the fabric 24 hours after the hot stamping is completed (the purpose is to better fix the pattern on the fabric): Wash with warm or cold water below 30℃, and put the fabric into the fabric containing 5 g/L Soak in ordinary detergent for 30 minutes and wash by hand for 2 minutes (machine wash is also available, the washing machine steps are set to: washing for 15 minutes, rinsing for 11 minutes, and dehydrating for 5 minutes; the pattern surface of the clothes should be turned inside when machine washing), Then let it dry naturally and observe the transfer pattern on the fabric. If there is almost no change in the pattern, it is recorded as grade A; if the pattern has a certain degree of fading, it is recorded as grade B; if the pattern almost disappears, it is recorded as grade C.
    (4) Hand feeling: After washing the fabric of sublimation paper wholesale, touch the transfer pattern on the fabric by hand to feel its softness or hardness. The pattern with soft hand feel is recorded as grade A; the pattern with rough hand feel is recorded as grade C; the pattern with hand feeling between the above two is recorded as grade B.