Introduction To The Use Of Sublimation Paper Wholesale

  • Generally, when we purchase clothing, we can basically come into contact with the following six types of clothing printing.
    The first is roll sublimation paper thermal transfer printing, the second is discharge printing, the third is flat screen printing, the fourth is rotary screen printing, and the fifth is water slurry printing. The last one is glue printing.
    First of all, we will introduce the first type of clothing printing is thermal transfer printing. It is to first use the printing method to print the pigment on it, and then it can be made into transfer printing paper, and then the color is transferred to our clothing fabric through high temperature. Generally speaking, it is used on chemical fiber fabrics. Its characteristics are: bright colors, delicate layers, vivid patterns, and strong artistic sense.
    Different types of clothing printing are used in different aspects. Just like what we are talking about now, thermal transfer printing is more popular in the market because of its simple process, small investment, and flexible production. However, it should be noted that the price of heat transfer printing from the heat transfer paper manufacturer is relatively high compared to the other five printing processes.