Reduction Of Dye Sublimation Paper Loss

  • In the dye sublimation paper printing processing industry, we often cause unnecessary waste due to some minor problems, and it is precisely because of this that we increase the printing cost, which is what we call loss.
    The loss of general printing factories is about 10%, and the loss of better customers is about 5%.
    The reasons for the loss are roughly as follows:
    1. There are stains
    2. There is chromatic aberration
    3. There are wrinkles
    4. The position is not printed
    5. Water in the fabric
    So how to solve it?

    1. Dirty
      Reasons for occurrence: The fabric is soiled due to the staff's carelessness, falling on the ground, not placing anything on the ground when handling the cloth, and so on.
      Solution: Be careful, don't throw or throw it, put a cloth on it, and clean it more.
      2. There is chromatic aberration
      Causes: There are color differences in the printed patterns due to color mixing, machines, nozzles, fabrics, etc. Even the colors printed by different devices of the same fabric are different, or the colors of different fabrics printed on the same device are different.
      Solution: Re-coloring and coloring in time when changing equipment or fabrics to avoid printing out many products with color difference due to replacement.
      3. There are wrinkles
      Cause (cotton): wrinkles formed after rolling because the fabric was not straightened during sizing (pre-treatment).
      Solution: Dorab, so that the cloth can pass smoothly.
      Reasons (polyester): the tacky sublimation paper was crumpled when the paper was punched; the heat transfer paper was crumpled after punching the paper; the fabric was crumpled during the heat transfer.
      Solution: Try not to use the thermal transfer paper that has been crumpled; roll the finished paper to prevent it from being crumpled; when the thermal transfer (ironing cloth) is pulled evenly, the flat pull should be in place.
      4. The position is not printed
      Reasons: improper communication leads to the wrong position; the proofing master did not print according to the paper pattern; the proofing master did not set the position correctly.
      Solution: The documentary and the proofing master should communicate in a timely manner, the communication should be understood in place, and the communication should be recorded in the form of words as much as possible; be optimistic about the pattern, follow the pattern; strictly demand yourself, put the position in the right place.
      5. Water in the fabric
      The reason: the fabric that was pulled back was placed in a dry place; the finished goods were packaged.
      Solution: The fabric pulled back by the customer should be placed in a dry place without dripping; the finished goods should be packaged in a transparent plastic bag in time and placed in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight, to prevent water and direct sunlight from discoloration condition.