Different Types Of Sticky Sublimation Paper

  • There is more than one type of sublimation heat transfer paper. The following editor will introduce the different types of it:

    The first type: Folding inkjet paper, the format is A4 size, the surface is relatively delicate, it is special for metal, silk, ceramic, and semi-cotton material transfer. The amount of transfer using special ink is not comparable to sublimation paper;

    The second type: Folding sublimation, which is more suitable for printing patterns on light-colored chemical fiber clothes. It can also make heat transfer cups or porcelain plates. The color of the transferred pattern is relatively high. No feel to the touch;

    The third type: sticky sublimation paper folded light-colored A4, suitable for printing patterns on light-colored clothing, the transferred pattern will not wrinkle, the pattern will not crack when the clothes are torn, and there is no heavy feeling.