Production Process Of Dye Sublimation Paper

  • Production process of dye sublimation paper

    The production process of heat transfer film is mainly divided into three processes: release agent application, ink printing and glue application.

    1. Apply release layer glue. After the release agent is applied, it can be dried after being placed for 7 or 8 hours. The drying temperature depends on the release agent. The release glue is used to separate the carrier from the ink during transfer processing.
    2. Ink printing. The ink is applied first, and then dried to print the pattern on the film. The drying temperature should be selected according to the volatility of the ink solvent. In addition, there are as many grooves as there are colors, just like plate making, there are several colors for the product pattern, and you need to make several plates.
    3. Apply glue. Coat the glue corresponding to the material of the article, and print it together with the printed pattern first, and then apply a large area to allow the ink to fuse with the workpiece, and then separate the roll.

    Custody of tacky sublimation paper

    1. Handle with care;
    2. Vertical placement;
    3. Placed in a space below 25℃, away from heat sources;
    4. Moisture-proof. Otherwise, chemical reactions will occur at high temperatures when hot stamping is processed.

    In short, when storing, pay attention to moisture, pressure, and place in a ventilated, cool and dry place.