Stability Of Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper

  • sublimation heat transfer paper print quality

    Image print quality refers to the overall effect of printing images on paper. Sublimation heat transfer paper requires the printed image to have good ink absorption, uniform absorption, fast ink absorption, and no obvious ink accumulation and image coloring after printing.

    Transfer printing quality

    Transfer quality means that the image is printed on the sublimation transfer paper. After thermal transfer under certain conditions, the image is transferred as completely as possible, the printing is vivid and image, the color density value is high, the boundary between different colors is clear, and there is no ghosting Phenomenon.

    Paper shape stability

    Paper shape stability mainly refers to the deformation of the paper (thermal stability under common indoor environments and high ambient temperatures (180-230°C)). If the sublimation transfer paper is deformed greatly (in the continuous transfer printing production process in a normal indoor environment), the sticky sublimation paper cannot be in close contact with the substrate, such as cloth, etc., which will affect the transfer quality and cause image ghosting.