Printing On Roll Sublimation Paper

  •   What are digital printing and thermal transfer printing?

      Digital printing and thermal transfer printing is an indispensable technology in the personalized market. What is the difference between these two technologies, and there is a connection between them, the heat transfer paper manufacturer will share with you.

      Digital printing is a new technology that combines digital printing technology on the basis of traditional sublimation heat transfer, and prints patterns and images in the form of plateless printing.

      Thermal transfer printing is divided into a sublimation thermal transfer method, and another thermal transfer method!

       Thermal transfer sublimation refers to the transfer of the pattern on the roll sublimation paper to the desired fabric after the ink is printed on an offset printing machine or a gravure printing machine.

      The thermosetting hot stamping method is a film formed by printing patterns on offset plates with thermosetting inks and then printing them on a screen to transfer the patterns on the printed film to the fabric.