The Quality Of Sticky Sublimation Paper

  • sticky sublimation paper is a popular printing method at that time. Its application scale is very wide, and its functions and performance are very good. Therefore, it is loved by customers and manufacturers, so how to use the quality of thermal transfer What? Xiaobian next give us a few specific points.

    1. Confirmation of pressure:


    There is a certain standard for the pressure of the heat transfer machine. If the pressure is too small, the paper may not be able to adhere to the substrate, and then the fastness will be reduced. If the heat transfer pressure is too large, it will produce increased compression and deformation of the substrate, resulting in pattern deformation. If you need to pay attention to the uniformity of the pressure points when hot stamping complex and uneven products, the pressure point of the hot stamping wheel and the substrate is more demanding.


    1. Temperature control:


    When the temperature is too low, it will cause the hot stamping to fail or the hot stamping is not strong, and it will also make the printing appear fuzzy or lose gloss, and the color will become dark. We should consider pressure, speed, area, room temperature and other factors in the process of application. The heat transfer temperature is generally within the range of 180℃-220℃, and when the temperature is confirmed, it needs to be stable and cannot show the range. Excessive fluctuations.


    1. Speed ​​requirements:


    The sublimation heat transfer paper needs to be confirmed according to the hot stamping area, and the power of the heating temperature should be considered. First, the speed, then the pressure, and finally the temperature.


    In summary, the three points of pressure confirmation, speed requirements and temperature control are all about the quality use of thermal transfer. Then the quality use of thermal transfer must not only be these three, but not here. I have described other content one by one. If we have any questions, please consult online for purchase.