Some Faults Of Tacky Sublimation Paper

    1. There are obvious broken lines in the printed image of dye sublimation paper
         Cause: The ink head is broken. As long as one ink hole of the pressure point nozzle is blocked, it may cause broken lines in the image. If multiple nozzle holes are blocked, the broken lines will become more serious.
        Solution: Clean the ink head and remove the clogged nozzle
         1. Miscellaneous in the pipeline
         2. There are impurities in the ink sac. Clean the ink sac tube
         3. The ink is contaminated
         4. There is a problem with the ink quality. Replace the ink
         5. Environmental problems, the temperature is too low Install air conditioners to improve the working environment temperature
         6. The print head is in poor condition. Replace the print head
        7. The surface of the nozzle is too dirty and fluffy Clean the surface of the nozzle
         8. Scraper, ink stack is too dirty Clean the blade, ink sac, ink stack
         9. There is an air duct in the ink sac to extract the air from the ink sac
         2. There are overprinted dark stripes in the printed image
         Reasons: 1. The ink head is offset, the single ink head has a diagonal offset, and the two ink heads are not aligned.
        2. The paper feeder jammed too tightly, resulting in poor paper feeding, causing a large resistance to the Y-axis stepping motor and failing to reach the standard step value.
        3. There are differences in the stepping amount when feeding paper of different thicknesses.
        Solution: 1. To calibrate the nozzle, please contact professional technicians.
         2. The paper is loaded manually to reduce resistance.
         3. Adjust the paper step setting CALIBRATION menu in the machine, increase or decrease the step value.
        1). The print head is disconnected, clean the print head
        2). Insufficient printing ink, increase ink output
        3). The paper feeder is too tight, relax the paper feeder
         3. The ink cart pauses for a few seconds at both ends of the image during printing
         Reasons: 1. The computing speed of the computer cannot keep up with the transmission speed and printing speed.
         2. The printing port is used for transmission, and the transmission speed cannot keep up with the printing speed when the large image is large.
         Solution: 1. To replace a faster computer, it is generally required to use a computer with Pentium 4 1.7G or higher.
         2. 100M network cable is used for transmission, and the network transmission speed is faster than that of the printer port.
         3. The machine crashes Ground the machine shell
         4. The computer crashes, restart the computer
        four、tacky sublimation paper
         1. The temperature is too low, increase the ambient temperature
        2. The print head is not cleaned, clean the print head again
        3. Broken pipe or ink bag Replace the pipe or ink bag
         4. Too much ink is added, and the amount of ink does not exceed the ink level