Reasons For Sticky Sublimation Paper

  • The reasons for the sticky sublimation paper encountered are summarized as follows:
    1. There are two cases of image deviation, left and right position of the image, one is that the grating is dirty or broken, and the second reason may be that the servo motor is broken.
    2. If the copper sleeve is loose, or the guide rail is astringent, it is recommended to add some oil to lubricate it. If it still does not work, fix the copper sleeve with glass glue so that it will not fall off.
    3. The height of the trolley is too low, and the distance between the trolley board and the paper is too small. If the paper rubs against the paper, adjust the height of the trolley down. The height of about a coin is moderate.
    Basically, by checking the above three items, the problem of sublimation heat transfer paper rubbing paper during the printing of the photo machine will be smoothly solved. At the same time, I also reminded that if the picture is printed off, you can check and wipe off the grating, or check the servo motor, and check Whether there is any looseness when the belt is moving, it is very important to keep the machine clean.