Selection Of Dye Sublimation Paper

  • Because there are many different types of specialty papers on the market (and they can be used in thousands of different projects), we often encounter these two problems:

    What kind of tacky sublimation paper do I need? What is the best heat transfer paper?

    Inkjet and laser transfer paper
    When deciding which type of thermal transfer paper to buy, the first step you need to do is to determine the type of printer you have (or plan to buy). In the world of thermal transfer paper, there are two main types of printers: inkjet printers and laser printers.

    Laser and Inkjet Printers | Coastal Business
    If you are not sure which type you are using, the answer may be simple, just run a Google search on your printer model, which is usually located on the printer itself. You can also check whether your printer uses ink cartridges (filled with liquid ink), which indicates that you have an inkjet printer. For printers that use toner cartridges (filled with powder), it is recommended that you use a laser printer. Still worrying? Please feel free to call our product support department at 800-562-7760, option #3.

    I don’t have a printer yet-should I buy a laser or an inkjet?

    If you haven't picked up your first printer, you may be wondering whether you should start with a laser printer or an inkjet printer. Both types of printers have the ability to produce high-quality, professional T-shirts and clothing.

    Tips and tricks for successful transfer paper application
    Generally speaking, you will find that inkjet printers are cheaper than laser printers and are one of the lowest start-up cost printers in the clothing personalization industry. Inkjet printers are also very suitable for printing photos because they can print a variety of colors. The disadvantage is that they do not automatically weed the grass, and it is necessary to crop around the image before pressing the image on the clothes. This is especially true for dark clothing-otherwise, your image will have a white background around it.

    Although laser printers are generally more expensive than inkjet printers, they excel at printing vector-based art and can also print photos well. This is especially true if you use RIP software such as FOREVER TransferRIP, which allows you to rasterize photos (basically divide them into smaller dots), which will give you a lighter "feel" or feel , And excellent washability. Probably the biggest advantage is that many laser dye sublimation paper are automatically weeded (also called two-step), which means you don't have to cut around the clothes, and there is no feeling or "hands" anywhere other than the printed image.