How To Use Sublimation Paper Wholesale

  •         A3 sublimation paper refers to the transfer of a paper with a pattern printed on it, and the pattern of the paper can be transferred to other surfaces. Usually the paper must be moistened first, and the transfer is face down. Put the transfer paper tightly on the surface of the second layer, and then remove the backing paper. Industrialized or mass-produced ceramics are often decorated with this kind of transfer paper. The term "transfer printing method" also includes the transfer process. As for the surrealism (SURREALISM) transfer, it refers to a type in which the artist applies opaque watercolor paint on a piece of paper, puts another piece of paper on it, and then presses several places on the second piece of paper and then picks it up Process (see LIFTING). This technique can produce effects similar to exotic flowers, mineral deposits or sponges.

            The transfer paper can output the pattern to be hot stamped with an inkjet printer, and then print it on the clothes. Mainly divided into light transfer paper and dark transfer paper. Light-colored transfer paper is suitable for printing light-colored clothes such as white; dark-colored transfer paper is suitable for printing dark-colored clothes such as black.

            Also known as subpoena paper. Used to make summonses for trams and buses. Its characteristics are similar to mechanical wood pulp posters, but the color range is wider. The basis weight is above 100g/㎡, excellent uniformity and thickness, high stiffness and appearance performance (such as smooth and delicate surface). It is made from mechanical wood pulp on a Fourdrinier paper machine.

            The transfer paper of sublimation paper wholesale can be divided into two categories: metal transfer paper and pigment transfer paper. In a broad sense, it also includes coated paper produced with heat-sensitive coatings or pressure-sensitive coatings, and paper coated with a wet transfer film, such as lettering transfer film engraving.