What To Do If The Sticky Sublimation Paper Is Blank


    When producing products, we all know that if we want to produce high-quality products, we must produce them under certain conditions in the environment, so sticky sublimation paper wants to be produced well. The heat transfer paper manufacturer will certainly be equipped with good equipment, and can only produce it under mature conditions such as the environment. Of course, there will be some abnormalities.

    For example, the most direct problem is the printing device. What is the reason why the printer does not print? Of course, there may be many reasons why the printer does not print. It may be the computer side, or it may be the printer side.

    Thermal transfer paper manufacturers generally check whether the printer has been set as the default printer first, first click on "Start/Settings/Printers", and check whether the currently used printer icon has a small black hook on it. At this time, set the printer as the default printer. . If you find that there is no printer option in the "Printers" window, click the "Add Printer" icon, and then install it according to the printer's prompts.
    If it is found that the printer still does not print, the sublimation heat transfer paper manufacturer will check whether the current printer is set to pause printing. If it is to cancel the pause printing. The most important thing is to check whether the printer is online. Under normal circumstances, the online light of the printer should be always on. If the indicator light is off or flashing, it means that the connection of the printer is abnormal. Recheck whether the printer power is on, the printer power switch is turned on, and the printer cable is correctly connected, etc. If the online indicator is normal, turn off the printer and then turn it on again to test whether the page is normal.