Production Of Dye Sublimation Paper

  • A4 sublimation paper does not require plate-making, saves plate-making time and cost, and is immediately desirable, saving manpower and material resources; the packaging of thermal transfer film rolls allows you to engrave as much as you want, and maximize the use of corner materials to avoid waste , The cost is controllable. The normal specification is 19 inches * 25 yards/roll. The commonly used colors are W C M Y K and other colors. Different specifications and colors can also be customized according to customer requirements. No glue edge, single start, do whatever you want, TPU material, environmental protection, high stretch, high elasticity.

    Once a problem occurs, the thermal transfer film manufacturer will definitely coordinate and solve it as soon as possible, to make up for the lack of services of the logistics company, and to live up to the support and trust of all buyers. In this regard, we also hope that all buyers can understand, thank you again for your patronage, if the goods are lost in transit, the company will be responsible for re-sending (you need to check the post office or logistics company, and it is indeed lost), please rest assured to buy.

    The heat transfer film manufacturer produces a variety of low-temperature pressing materials such as pure cotton, non-woven fabrics and other textile fabrics, which are not restricted by the color of the printed product, and have a strong hiding power. The range of use is very wide: team uniforms, corporate uniforms, sports uniforms, numbers, numbers, kindergarten name strips, sports couples, personalized pattern transfer, logo text, swimwear, children's clothing, jackets, sportswear, racing clothing, clothing accessories , Sun hats, umbrellas, synthetic materials, school bags, gloves, leather, tents, sun umbrellas, diving suits, oversized text printing, LOGO production, monochrome patterns, advertising, posters and dye sublimation paper production, etc. Make a hot stamp for full-color photo printing. After transfer, the hand feel is excellent, thick enough, and strong elasticity. Make your clothes more distinctive and show your personality. It is the best choice for clothing factories, clothing stores, and personalized accessories stores.