Is A3 Sublimation Paper Still Used?

  • Why did the A3 sublimation paper decline? What should I do if the hot stamping pattern on my clothes seems to be peeling off? First, we need to know under what circumstances the roll sublimation paper will fall:

    First of all, the hot stamping of the polyester film does not adhere when it is torn off

    When this happens, first look at thermal transfer: the three elements of time, temperature and pressure. These three factors will affect the hot stamping effect of the thermal transfer film. If this problem does occur, do not completely tear off the PET film, cover the original pattern, and then transfer it directly. If the film is accidentally torn off, you can cover the pattern with a blank film for ironing.

    Second, the thermal transfer film came off after the washing test

    It is recommended to perform a washing test 24 hours after hot stamping. If it falls off after 24 hours after hot stamping, you can find a sales engineer and provide the engineer with samples or operation videos to find a solution

    Third, it’s okay to switch to hot wash, but it still falls off after a while

    This may be due to the A3 sublimation paper itself, or the cloth is coated with a waterproof layer, etc. It is recommended to test the samples first, and then proceed to mass production after passing the test. If you have any questions during use, please consult the manufacturer.