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    At present, it can be seen from the understanding of wholesale transfer paper that this type of product has many different characteristics and advantages in the process of use. Through the processing and production of new technology, it can not only improve the performance of paper straws, but also meet the In order to meet the actual application requirements, the current paper straw products can not only ensure the actual application effect, but also meet the practical application requirements of hygiene and environmental protection. Therefore, what different application scopes are involved in the promotion and use of paper straws?

    Nowadays, in the promotion and use of paper straws, plastic straws can be completely and effectively replaced, because in the use of plastic straws, its own structural components will not only affect people's health, but also the overall environmental pollution. It is very important that in recent years, many large catering institutions have gradually promoted the use of paper straws, and in many processing and production fields, the processing and production of paper straws, through the selection of new equipment and pulp materials, can be used. Improve the toughness of paper straws, and effectively replace the use of plastic straws.

    At present, as a paper straw product, it involves the application in the field of food and catering, so it can completely replace the original scope of use of plastic straws, and according to the requirements of different users, professional paper straw manufacturers can completely meet the needs of users. Design and production are actually required, so the length and diameter of the straw, as well as the color and pattern, can be completely designed and processed to meet the actual use requirements.
    Wholesale paper straws

    At present, although the utilization rate of household paper straws of paper straws manufacturer China is low, with the gradual development and application, the use of paper straws has become an inevitable trend. Selection and use can effectively solve practical application problems, not only can save actual production and application costs, but also meet the requirements of environmental protection.