Do players still have time and passion for Steam level up?

  • Steam's recent promotions have followed one after another. The most recent is the Golden Promotion Week last Friday and Monday. Popular games in April will be released soon, and the Steam Game Festival in the middle of next month is also coming soon. The old games continue, and new games continue to be released. As a player, I don't want to miss both. But things related to Steam level seem to be diluted.

    Players play a few games, hoping to play him to a good level, and then passionately discuss and share with others in the Steam community. Publish a few personal artworks from time to time to show off your personal game achievements. Under the constant impact of the game, I feel that my energy is scattered. I don't have the energy to get a few Steam trading cards. It seems that more players have chosen to Buy Steam Level Up instead of collecting them by themselves, trading to synthesize badges and upgrades.

    There are more players with pending orders on the Steam market. After all, more money is needed to experience the new game. Buyers need to save more money on purchases, which makes it difficult for bids and demand prices to form a transaction. Playing back and forth between old and new games should also be the norm. If you are tired of playing this game, that game can satisfy the demand for freshness. The discussion and sharing of players seem to be less active.

    There are more and more games that players can play. There are always several good games in a period of time. The heat is constantly shifting, and the value of Steam badges and cards is constantly decreasing. Popular games like PUBG can only enter the best-selling list through new content, which also reflects the players' pursuit of the freshness of the game. One of the games with the most complete Steam trading card mechanism. Although the demand for game-related cards has increased, the value has fallen.

    Finally, with the release and improvement of the points store, almost all the items that can be obtained from the synthetic badge can be exchanged for points. Whether it is the design of the game party or the design items of the Steam platform itself, the needs of players have been more perfectly satisfied. Because not only the quantity is large, the design is also better and cool. These also make the value of Steam Level Up continue to decrease.

    Players' time and energy are occupied by new games, and the demands provided by Steam level up can also be obtained in other faster ways. Will some players take the time to collect and trade cards to synthesize badges? Steam uses the point store to promote games, will it make the Steam card games that the original players find meaningful become worthless?