What are the functions of the Steam trading card?

  • The steam trading card is one of the cards on Steam. It is not a gift card that directly represents money. It is more like a game item, a raw material in a card game on the Steam platform, and also like a collection card for a childhood game or anime.

    As an electronic virtual card, there is no entity, but one of the functions everyone knows is to synthesize badges. When the player is playing the game, the card of the game will be dropped randomly, and then the player can view the badges that can be used for synthesis on the profile interface. After synthesizing badges, you can get XP for your Steam Level Up. Of course, there are personal profile background pictures, emoticons drop.

    This is one of the functions of the Steam trading card, which can help players increase their Steam level. Obtain some items. After getting some things, players can sell them for income. Has economic value.

    The Steam trading card itself also has selling value. Especially some rare Steam trading cards are more valuable. Successfully complete one transaction can get you money for a small game. Have a happy weekend.

    The second is that Steam trading cards are the same as physical cards, although they are not specific items. But the same is of collection value. Special aluminum foil cards like those in Steam Level Booster are difficult to obtain. Some popular games may be easier to sell, but some are not very popular games, they are difficult to be traded. But for those who understand, all understand its value. It is also very meaningful to collect rare cards of games that you like and often play.

    The above two effects are also the reason why many players Buy Steam Level Up. Because it can increase the chance of getting a Steam trading card. Whether it is for sale for profit or for collection, players can choose.