Steam community

  • The Steam community is currently the largest communication platform on Steam. Many players will find their own happiness in the community or learn related game knowledge. Of course, it can also help players solve some problems, and even communicate with the same fans.

    The Steam community is generally divided according to games. You can search for the name of the relevant game on the homepage of the Steam community. Almost every game will have a small app community for players to discuss. And every small community will contain several parts.

    ALL is the homepage. The most important information is how many players are currently communicating in the game or in the group. Then join and exit. Of course, there are some game data, such as the achievements of all players that Steam Level Up players are more concerned about.

    The Discussions project is a place for discussion of some of the more active topics. Players can pay attention to the most important issues at present.

    Screenshots are what it means. Players can share or watch pictures shared by other players in the game.

    The artwork is relatively free. Players can share their own design works. Customize or modify things in the game. Other players can like, comment, and reward you with Steam points.

    Broadcasts and Videos are video sharing, but the source and production of the video are different. Broadcasts are generally game live video or live video. Videos inside are videos made or recorded by the players themselves.

    News is an aggregation of game news, and players can see the latest game updates. There will also be some gameplay updates.

    Guides are a place for novice players or players who have problems to find help. Players can share their understanding and skills of the game in it.

    Reviews are the degree of recognition of the game by all players. Before experiencing a new game, players can go to the community to check the player's evaluation and consider whether to join the game.

    The workshop is not a column in all communities. But this is a very good feature. The player customizes a collection of many things. Pictures, videos, tutorials, etc. If your work is very good, you can set his reading threshold to charge for it.

    Players want to show off in the Steam community, which is also one of the important reasons why they Buy Steam Level Up.