Steam static display cabinet production

  • The Steam showcase is a tool for players to showcase their personal achievements. As a component of the Steam profile interface, players can unlock up to 16 of them, although a Steam level of 160 is required. This is one of the reasons why many players choose the Buy Cheap Steam Level Up service. Of course, today's theme is to make a good-looking showcase for everyone.

    First of all, we need to prepare the material and background.
    Both the material and the background are important, but we default to finding the material as the first goal. After all, we want to make a showcase that we like and look good. Of course, the materials in the showcase are the most important. The best format of the material is a 1:2 ratio, 500*1000 resolution or above is the best. Display cabinets smaller than this resolution may cause blur, and materials with different ratios may not be able to maximize the use of cabinet space.

    Next, let's talk about the background. In fact, the background is as important as the material. Because we can choose the material freely, but the background is designed by the game developer. The left and right parts of the background cannot be changed, so we must choose carefully. In addition, good-looking backgrounds are also very expensive. How to choose a good-looking and affordable background must be considered by the showcase maker. Sometimes it happens that the material adapts to the background, so whether to choose the material first or the background first is a matter of the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise.

    Upload static long showcase
    Prepare the showcase-two pictures, steam level 10, and background. Open the Chrome browser, log in to steam, click on the artwork on the right side of the personal homepage, and click to upload the artwork-not game-specific.

    Go to the upload artwork page, enter the name of the artwork (showcase), select the two pictures you made one after the other (you need to upload two pictures in the same process twice), right-click the mouse-check (shortcut key F12), find "Console", enter the code in the input box below, press Enter to confirm, and then check the artwork is created by me and upload it.

    document.getElementsByName("file_type")[0].value= 5;
    var num= document.getElementsByName("image_width")[0].value;
    document.getElementsByName("image_height")[0].value = num-(num-1);
    document.getElementsByName("image_width")[0].value= num*100;

    After uploading the two pictures, go to personal information-edit personal information-set the background of your personal information as the background of your showcase, and go to the "displayed showcase", select the artwork showcase or the screenshot showcase, and select two Picture is fine.

    Buy Steam Level Up is the best way for you to quickly upgrade the level to unlock the Steam showcase. Put more time and energy into material and background production, and you will have the best Steam profile interface.