Summary of Steam badge function

  • The Steam badge is a game mechanism set by Steam for players. Players can get some randomly dropped cards by playing games with the Steam trading card mechanism. Then you can view the badges you can synthesize. Of course, a badge is often composed of multiple cards. Random drops can only get a part of them, or even less than 50% of the cards. Players need to exchange or trade to obtain the required cards. So what is the purpose of synthesizing badges?

    According to the tips of Steam customer service, we know that for the badges we made, we can get random emoji, profile backgrounds, 100XP, and a low probability to get other games or DLC discount coupons. There is also the badge.

    Other games or DLC discount coupons are a low-probability event, and players know their role. Emoticons are used in ordinary transactions. The profile background image is used to decorate the individual Steam page. Of course, it is worth reminding that these items may be sold at a good price in the Steam market.

    100XP is used for Steam Level Up. It's like upgrading in a game. Generally, a badge can be synthesized 5 times, and it can be upgraded to level 5. A total of 500XP can be obtained. Most players want to get the badge but they want to get XP. Because the higher the level, the greater the chance of a player getting a Steam Level Booster. This item contains three Steam trading cards, and may even be more valuable and rare aluminum foil cards. Players also hope to make a profit by selling aluminum foil cards. The second is that the higher the level, the richer the profile interface of the player can be, and the greater the influence in the Steam community.

    Because the Steam community needs players to actively communicate and share. Steam also launched badges like community missions, service game badges, and luxury badges. To reward players who contribute to the community and platform.

    Since the XP required for the Steam Level upgrade is accumulatively increasing, the XP that ordinary badges can provide is too small, and players who participate in-game purchases and promotions must be rewarded. Seasonal badges and promotional reward badges have been introduced. These badges generally increase the XP you can earn as you spend because you can always upgrade. Of course, the cost is not proportional to XP.

    As many players want to increase their Steam level, merchants that provide Buy Fast Steam Level Service have appeared. They generally help players synthesize a lot of badges to get XP through their rich inventory.