Does Steam have any games for mobile devices?

  • I think your question is whether there are mobile games on Steam. Just like the APP in the app store. There is currently no. But in the future, there may be, and a game-specific application platform may be built.

    Google Play and Apple store applications are the current mainstream game installation source paths. I think it is almost impossible for these game developers to put their game apps on Steam. On the one hand, Steam has no plans in this regard, on the other hand, there is too much pressure on the competition.

    However, although Steam does not support the downloading and management of mobile games, it has launched the Steam link APP to meet the needs of players to play games on different devices. Players can realize remote play by connecting to Steam on the PC side.

    It is currently unknown whether the Steam trading card used for Steam Level Up will be randomly dropped when using other devices, but the supported devices are already very complete. Apple phones, Android phones, tablets and Samsung smart TVs, etc. It is truly possible to play Steam games on the mobile terminal. So at present, Steam will not develop the download, installation, and management of mobile games.

    The experience of this application is also very powerful, players can also remotely play games with friends. After the software is constantly updated and improved, there are thousands of games that support remote play. If the basic configuration of your device is good, the game experience will be perfect.

    Transmission methods such as Steam link can also be regarded as in line with the fiery support of mobile terminals. And game developers don't need to make a simple version that supports mobile phones. For the more popular League of Legends mobile game, it has been hot on the PC side for 10 years, and the mobile version has just been launched soon.

    The purpose of Steam is also to gather more excellent games to realize the management and sales of games. Of course, as the performance of the mobile terminal becomes more and more powerful, it is becoming more and more convenient to use. Mobile services and markets are also growing. For example, many players who need the Buy Steam Level Up service will gradually pay directly on the mobile phone. Therefore, I think there is still some hope for whether Steam will build an exclusive mobile game application project in the future.