Steam jewelry businessman

  • Last time we told that Steam reforms the mechanism, let a large number of stores that store the game go to bankruptcy. Some merchants have entered the Steam jewelry.

    Although the Steam jewelry mechanism is headed by the "Legion 2" game, it is currently the largest market volume, and it is also the most complicated jewelry mechanism that should be "CSGO." As long as you understand the jewelry mechanism of "CSGO", you can play the jewelry of any game on Steam!

    CSGO is also the most played game of Steam on Steam, while the transaction volume is huge! It is called the gun to play the bird, Steam has repeatedly struck the jewelry businessman, mainly, is CSGo's jewelry businessman!

    Before this, give everyone two concepts, Steam's game jewelry has two trading modes.

    The first is that the player and the player indirectly passed the STEAM community market, this kind of trading model is safe, the disadvantage is that the use of the transaction is that the STEAM wallet balance cannot be directly cash, and each transaction is also allowed to pay for Steam. Five-four handling fees.

    The second is a transaction similar to exchange items between players and players. This mode disadvantage is unsafe, but the advantage is that there is no need for the STEAM market.

    So someone uses this mechanism to make a similar intermediation method, open a third-party platform to make players can transaction with other players, only collect extremely low trading fees, and the seller can withdraw directly! Of course, not only CSGO jewelry can do this, other ornaments including DOTA2 and Jedi survival, etc. are sold on these third-party platforms.

    Since the transaction fee is much lower than Steam, the price of one item is the price of the STEAM community market but far below the STEAM community market. This leads to a large number of players choosing to trade jewelry on these third-party platforms, and even buying low-cost jewelry in the third-party market and then sell them to players in the Steam community market. A lot of reselling players have the purpose of charge the steam wallet to buy the game, and this behavior is also called "hanging gun" or "hanging knife".

    Since the CSGO skin is very hot, much foreign spinach website CSGO jewelry can even be used directly in betting, and it is understood that CSGO jewelry is equivalent to the current value of the currency in some websites. It can be seen that the STEAM influence is exactly. So from 2017 to 2019, Steam began to continue to fight against the third-party jewelry market, and mainly, those who engage in CSGO jewelry.

    2017 red lock event, Steam initially seizes the spinach website machine artificial rug work robot by massive brilliant third party website. The robot of third-party websites who have not given STEAM will have a large number of robots, and the robots of third-party trading websites with Steam has a large number of robots, but the difference is that foreign trading websites actually inform customers in advance to collect online selling The ornaments have not been in the country.

    Most of the third-party websites will choose to pay for users, and they want to let Steam will not connect themselves and gaming websites robots. But Steam continues the second red lock, this time there is no reason to lock you! Moreover, it is not only a large number of jewelry such as CSGO, DOTA2, and "Jedi survival".

    The current third-party website thinks a lot, and even the website will prompt the user because of the time difference Steam customer service, when is it suitable for transactions. Then Steam changes the CSGO Personal Trading Rules. In 2018, CSGO Personal Jewelry Trading Join 7 days cooling, and it is not possible to obtain items from the A account before they can be given to B but to wait for 7 days. This is simply a "winning of the third party trading website!

    In October 2019 Steam, Steam, and the tricks of the jewelry close the transaction of the CSGO out of the box, to know that the key is a very important ring for many big businesses because the key demand is large and stable.

    Some want to get the game jewelry players through Steam Level Up, but also for yourself or for sale. Slowly with the closure of the jewelry transaction, providing businessmen with Buy Steam Lvl Fast service, I don't know if it will become the next knife.