What are Steam Coupons?

  • Steam Coupons are coupons that we can use to purchase games on Steam. It is a kind of discount coupon used by shopping malls for promotion in real life.

    When you add a valid product to your shopping cart, the Steam system will automatically match all applicable coupons you have. When using coupons, if you have two applicable coupons, the system will default to the one with the larger discount. Choose the one you want to use. So if you want to keep the coupon for the next use or give it away, remember to cancel the coupon in the shopping cart.

    Yes, your Steam coupon can be given away. This is accomplished through a Steam transaction. Of course, it is also possible to sell to someone you don't know. Set the price during the transaction to be sold in the Steam market. Conversely, you can also buy it in this way.

    In addition to participating in Steam sales voting, or global promotions to get coupons. Players who have achieved Steam Level by synthesizing badges know that after the badges are synthesized, players have a certain chance to get coupons for the game. Generally, there are several ways to get Steam coupons.

    After players get Steam coupons, they can check what they own in the Steam inventory. After you find the coupon, click on it to view its detailed information. Including important issues such as expiration time, applicable games, and discount strength. It is necessary to use or trade off the coupon within the specified date, otherwise, it will be automatically deleted after expiration.

    For players who want to earn money through Steam coupon transactions, Buy Fast Steam Level Service is not a perfect choice. The probability of getting a coupon is something that cannot be determined. If you can get a coupon, it is a good choice to earn the difference after the promotion. I would recommend players participate in promotional activities and accumulate coupons.