Step 2: Check the available cards

  • Yesterday we talked about: how to sell your Steam trading card and get free Steam points. One of the first steps. Today, I will share with you the operations of the second and third steps.

    Step 2: Check the available cards

    To view the available cards, open Steam, hover over your name, and click "Badges." Scroll down to see which game cards you have, or which games have generated cards. For example, the player has Three Steam trading cards are obtained from the game. They are in the player's inventory. And the player can see how many chapters of the cards they can get.

    If you have multiple games on Steam, you are likely to get a lot of cards. The more badges you can use for Steam Level Up. Pay attention to which of your games provide cards and how many cards can be generated.

    Step 3: Generate those cards
    You don't need to do anything special to generate cards, just play the game normally to get them. However, if you are willing to adopt some tricks, you can quickly generate more cards.

    If you only have one or two games with dropable cards, you can click the "Play" button to install and play the game. Steam only cares whether the game is running, so you can run the game in the background, press Alt + Tab, and then perform other operations while the game is running until Steam gives you all the cards.

    But this is not really lazy, the fastest way to get all these cards. Instead, you can use the open-source Steam Idle Master application that we have tested successfully. This application will simulate your "in-game" status in Steam and automatically move between games after you get a card. You don't even need to download games before Steam Idle Master is idle, which can even save valuable Internet bandwidth.

    The app requires you to enter your Steam account details or provide a cookie code so that it can monitor your "badge" page and see which games still have the ability to drop cards.

    This will not cause trouble to your Steam account. You are not actually "cheating". You are just using a tool that can provide you with available card discarding functions, and there is no more card discarding function than this. When you sell cards, both Valve and game developers can make money. You just skipped the "gamification" process, which means acquiring cards while playing games and acquiring them faster.

    Please note that the idle host will try to make all games with cards idle. If you just purchased a game, you can only refund a refund if you have played the game for less than two hours in the previous two weeks. Therefore, if you are not careful, using Idle Master may make you ineligible for a refund.

    Idle Master will also discard your steam statistics. If this application is idle for multiple games at a time, it may mean that you have played 800 hours on your Steam profile page in the past two weeks, after completion. It's not important, but it looks interesting, and some people like to see how much time they actually spend playing certain games. This is also the reason why many players buy Steam Level Booster to show off through the showcase.