How do I play shared games on Steam?

  • First of all, you have to make sure that you can view your shared Steam library in your game tab, and then download and install it normally to play the game.

    Of course, there are two possible reasons why you can't play. One is that the game does not support this sharing system. For example, Ubisoft games are launched through Uplay. Steam sharing system is not supported. The second is that you are squeezed out of the shared system. Friends who share the game library are playing the game, you will not be able to play the game.

    If you want to play a game library shared by a friend, make sure that the friend no longer plays the game. And you can choose those games where you can play Steam Level Up. It is also very interesting to synthesize Steam badges and collect Steam trading cards outside of the game. Maybe you can get a game for free if you are lucky.

    If you have a lot of gray games in your Steam library, you can also share your games with your family and friends. When you are not playing the game, they can play your game.

    The setting method is very simple. You only need to enable the Steam Guard security of your account. The average player has already opened it. Then log in to your Steam account on the computer that needs to be shared. Find the family option in the Steam settings options. Check to authorize library sharing on this computer and select users who can share it.

    For players who want to Buy Steam Level Up, sharing with friends to play games with the Steam trading card mechanism is a very good choice. You can ask friends to give you the cards or booster packs that are dropped in the game. If his Steam level is very high, the probability will be very high, and you may even get a card you can't get, so you don't need to go to the Steam market to buy it.

    In short, sharing is a good way to make full use of player resources. After all, new and fun games are always updated, and the games that have been purchased can be experienced by family or friends, which is a very good choice.