Steam account refund instructions

  • There are many players who buy games on Steam. Some players will buy the game blindly based on other people's recommendations, which leads to the fact that after the purchase, they find that the game has something that is difficult for them to accept, so refunds are also common. Of course, after purchasing a game, it is found that the game does not have a Steam trading card and cannot be used for Steam Level Up. In short, the following information, I hope to help you.

    First of all, you need to confirm that the game playing time is less than two hours, and then the refund you applied for on Steam will be obtained with your payment method within a week. Of course, unless your country and region do not support Steam refunds through this method. Generally, you need to guarantee to support the following payment methods.

    American Express

    In addition, pay attention to the following non-refundable purchases:

    The first is that payments outside of the Steam platform are not supported. For example, Steam wallet cards and CD keys purchased from other platforms. So the player must make sure that the direct recipient of your payment is Valve.

    The second type is DLC. DLC purchased from the Steam store can be refunded within two weeks, but it must be confirmed that the DLC has not been consumed, or transferred and modified. In addition, some third-party irreversible in-game purchases are not acceptable. For example, you upgraded your character.

    The third type is in-game purchases that are not developed by Valve. For example, you bought an item, gun, clothing, etc. in a CSGO game. But this situation can be avoided when you buy the game. You need to choose to refund the in-game items you purchased at the time of purchase. Of course, you cannot consume or transfer the item in the game.

    If you do not receive a refund within a week, please contact Steam customer service. Of course, this is the deadline. Usually, it will be processed within two days. After you receive the refund, you can try to buy Fast Steam Level Service on mmoso to help you become a star in the Steam community.