Loop Hero sells 500,000 copies a week on Steam

  • Steam is the preferred gaming platform for many players. For game developers, it is also a good place to sell and promote games. It can be seen from the previous sales of Valheim that great games can be sold quickly. The sales volume of Loop Hero last week is also amazing.

    As an addictive RPG role game for players: Loop Hero. In a week, players have completed at least 18 billion cycles, 300 million game hours, and 500,000 sales. These data are showing the popularity of this game.

    The developer happily said, "Thank you for your support and excitement to all of us for Loop Hero in the four quarters! Now, we are developing a patch with the quality of life update you requested, including a system for saving during the expedition. New speed settings, and a series of traits from the boss! After that, you can expect to see more content added to the game, such as new cards, classes, and transitions. We can't wait to share more updates with you! ” Then a new set of Steam trading cards were added to the game for players' Steam Level Up.

    Loop Hero has a classic RPG appearance, but the rogue loop requires players to wake up from the end of the world, again and again, to kill monsters in a world containing equipment and terrain cards. You play the role of a hero, but you do not directly control how to fight monsters. Instead, you shape your world's rules by controlling the environment and story. Such excellent ideas and obvious shortcomings make it difficult for players to separate.

    The popularity of Steam is already a fact. Maybe you are still using Xbox and Switch consoles, but the number of Steam players will continue to grow. Go to Buy Cheap Steam Level Up and show off your game skills in the Steam community!