How to get Steam points?

  • The way to get Steam points is to consume. Similar to shopping in a store, your account will be given a certain amount of points every time you spend, and after the points have accumulated to a certain value, you can get discounts or the free exchange of goods.

    In Steam, you can get points for buying any game, DLC, hardware, application, soundtrack, or in-game item. You can get 100 points for every dollar spent. It can be counted as ascents. Of course, all currencies will be converted into U.S. dollars to calculate points.

    In addition, you can post screenshots, videos, guides, or Workshop projects in the community. If your content is liked by some players, they can reward you with Steam points. Similar to tipping. You can also reward others in the same way.

    After getting enough points, in addition to supporting in the community, you can use it for the following two aspects:

    1. Purchase basic items

    Generally, there are four good-looking items such as avatar frame, emoticons, profile background, and dynamic stickers. They are classified by subject in the point store. Such as Chinese New Year events, winter collections, cyberpunk 2077, and other special themed items. Of course, you can buy all four items of a certain theme or game you like at one time, and the bundle price of them is more favorable.

    2. Buy seasonal items

    The first is the Seasonal Profile, which is a very beautiful seasonal profile, frame, background, and custom color themes, which can decorate your Steam profile interface very beautifully. Unfortunately, it can only be used for 30 days.

    The second type is seasonal badges. Steam's characteristic badges are generally available for purchase in only half a year. Of course, each year is only divided into summer and winter, and each year is different. It can be said that you can't buy it except for this half-year. The 2021 summer promotion should come in June, and the current 2020 winter badge is about to be off the shelf. So players who like these badges and want to perform Steam Level Up should not miss it. These badges are all eligible for Steam XP. Unlike other badges in Steam, this type of badge has a level of 100XP, and a level 20 badge will reward 2000XP.

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