The rural areas of Varanasi will be included in the travel pack

  • The three-day tour, Path Pathi, co-sponsored by the UP Tourism and Tourism Industry Welfare Association (TWA), ends on Saturday. On the streets of Sarnath, Ramashi, Rameshwar, Kathy Makandya Mahadev and Banaras. Tour operators like Banarasi cuisine. 

    Here, I introduced the famous Kashgar book for the travel agency, with Rudraksha garlands and handmade Angavastram on it. The tour operator said that it welcomes RS Nagesh of the National and State Government in Kashgar Tourism Development and Industry Bangalore World Travel Pte Ltd to also book a large number of tourists next month.varanasi hotel and so on, It used to be a two-night show, but now India has a four-night package. Shiny Alex, a leading tour operator in South India, said that detailed information on newly developed tourist destinations in Kashgar will be added to its website soon. Make Kashgar's packages attractive.