5 ways to grow a book lover

  • If you love to read and you have children, then this article is for you. You, of course, want your children to love books too, to read a lot. This is still the dream of most parents. Is it so out of reach? Adults often complain that children like computer games, tablets, phones, etc. more. You can agree with this, but only if you did nothing to instill in your child a love for the book. For a good book is beyond competition if ...

    1. You love books and read a lot yourself. You have a bookcase with a lot of different literature. The book can be found on the table, bedside table, floor, and even where it would seem that it does not belong. A child often sees you with a book, do not forget that small children copy adults.

    2. You showed your child the first book very early at six, seven months and continue to do so. Buy a large, bright book with small rhymes, nursery rhymes, show the baby pictures, you do not have to read the text, you can tell in your own words.

    3. Read a lot to the child aloud - fairy tales, stories, informative literature, read more poetry. Children love rhythm and melodiousness, and poetry also trains memory, imagination, and fosters artistic taste. Important! Read with expression, emotionally, artistic. If the child is interested, a strong connection will arise in his brain between positive emotions and the book.

    4. Important! Throw away the TV! In this case, the book will have no competitor. Japanese scientists have found that during reading, many different zones are activated in the brain, and when a person watches a TV program, the brain seems to be asleep, does not work, which means it does not develop.

    5. Arrange joint trips to the bookstore. Allow your child to choose their own books. Sign up to the library, because if you do all of the above, then one day the child will begin to read himself, and you simply will not have time to buy new books.

    So, the child loves books, no less than you, you have wonderful joint leisure time, and if the parents have no time, the child can occupy himself. It is more interesting for him to live, he fantasizes a lot and even tries to compose and record his own stories. Children who love a book early tend to learn to read earlier. Such a child has a broad outlook and good memory, it is easier for him at school, because the modern program is designed for children who read well. A child who is friends with a book is largely insured against gambling, computer addiction.