We will tell you how to get to Eir in God of War

  • The world of God of War includes a lot of hidden areas that players might not know to explore. These locations can require characters to backtrack, solve puzzles, or fight enemies in order to continue onward. One of the most important secret areas in God of War is the chamber that leads to Eir.

    Eir’s location is difficult to find, owing to his deadly character. Eir, one of the numerous Valkyries in God of War, can be discovered deep beneath The Mountain, where players explore throughout the main campaign. After discovering The Mountain, players can return to explore its depths in search of Eir’s hidden abode.

    The Mountain is one of the areas in God of War. The story will take you through it at some point, but you will be able to return afterwards to explore at your own pace. It’s where you’ll find the Valkyrie Eir, in a hidden chamber deep within the caves beneath the Summit.

    How to Get to Eir in God of War
    To travel to Eir, players must first get to the bridge near Vanaheim Tower, from there they can proceed to the Foothills. Once there, players can continue into The Mountain and follow the trail to the summit. When players reach the dwarf shop on the plateau, they can return to The Mountain using the same route they walked when they first arrived.

    Finding Eir requires players to retrace their steps and be dedicated to progressing through the game. In that way, God of War is similar to games like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, which heavily rewards players for going back to previous locations. Eir is a complicated enemy that is a well-worth discovery, for it can lead to the acquisition of some of God of War's most powerful gear and, of course, the fight is incredibly fun.

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