5 Latest Worth-buying Box Mods

  • As the science and technology developed rapidly, there appears a lot of vape device with multiple function, thus leading a hesitation to buyers to choose a hearty vape device.

    Box Mods are being one of the popular vape devices, because of the powerful functions and multiple protections to lead a high performance, and to meet different demand of users.

    Here, after testing the new coming product, the writer from BuyBest will list five latest Worth-buying Box Mods that worth your purchase. Without further ado, here they go:

    Latest Worth-buying Box Mods | 1 - AUGVAPE VTEC1.8 TC Box MOD
     200W AUGVAPE VTEC1.8 TC Box MOD
    The AUGVAPE VTEC1.8 TC Box MOD comes with powerful functions and cool and decent design. It has a reinforced battery door, strong and durable, easy slide to open and close. Decorated with finest leather strip to make it feel more comfortable in hand. Moreover, it is powered by two 18650 batteries in series. The dual battery life indicator on the OLED screen shows you the accurate conditions of both batteries. Four working modes are available for your different demand of taste: Auto Mode, Bypass Mode, VV Mode, V Mode.

    Latest Worth-buying Box Mods | 2 - Dovpo M VV II Box Mod
     Dovpo M VV II Box Mod
    The Dovpo M VV II Box Mod is a new version of M VV, coming with new aesthetic colorful look and stylish and aggressive design. It's a high-performance potentiometer based mechanical mod. The Dovpo M VV II has the same features as the M VV—dual 18650 battery, 1.0V to 8.0V voltage range, maximum 280W power wattage. It also comes with several protections to provide you safe vaping environment. Moreover, the Dovpo M VV II has a built-in USB Type-C port inside the box, to make convenience of charging for you. The light indicator will also help you know clearly about the status of the battery. Affordable, attractive, amazing in performance, the Dovpo M VV II Box Mod is worthy of a purchase.

    Latest Worth-buying Box Mods | 3 - [Limited Edition] 200W Geekvape Aegis Legend TC Box MOD

     [Limited Edition] 200W Geekvape Aegis Legend TC Box MOD
    The Geekvape Aegis Legend MOD Limited Edition is a super portable and powerful TC Box MOD because of the new magnesium alloy material. It is powered by dual 18650 batteries with upgraded AS Chipset and 200W max powered. Inherited of classic waterproof, shockproof and dustproof design, the Aegis Legend Limited Edition is one of the strongest and lightest MOD in the world.

    Latest Worth-buying Box Mods | 4 - 200W WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 TC Mod
     200W WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 TC Mod
    Here comes the WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker2 TC MOD´╝îPowered by 18650 battery, it can reach a max output of 200W. Designed to be waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, it is durable enough. Coming in an exquisite design, the WISMEC Reuleaux is comfortable in hand. The 0.96-inch color screen, and new friendly interface design makes it easy to operate and let you know clearly about the status of the battery. By the working of Avatar chip, it can fire up in an instant of 0.001s and provide multiple protection for the safe vaping environment.

    Latest Worth-buying Box Mods | 5 - 80W ULTRONER T.I.G Stabilized Wood Box MOD
     80W ULTRONER T.I.G Stabilized Wood Box MOD
    The ULTRONER TIG Stabilized Wood Box MOD is designed as like a Box. Ergonomically designed, the device has a solid construction with a smooth full metal body to reach a certain stability and durability. In addition with an easy side firing button, the T.I.G. can bring you a good using experience. Powered by single 18650 battery, it can easily reach a max output of 80W. Moreover, it supports 3 different modes—VV / VW / BYPASS— to serve your demand of taste.

    First and foremost, thank you all for reading through the Latest Worth-buying Vape device we list. We hope you can enjoy it, and hope the listing items can be helpful to your selection for your hearty Vape device. However, there are still many vape devices in the market we didn’t have and test and try. We must miss some new great vape device. Hence, if you know or have used some Pod Kits that impresses you so much or is equipped with high performance, we would appreciate it if you can leave comment to let us know. Thanks again for your reading.