6 Latest Worth-buying Vape device

  • As the science and technology developed rapidly, there appears a lot of vape device with multiple function, thus leading a hesitation to buyers to choose a hearty vape device.

    Here, after testing the new coming product, the writer from BuyBest will list five latest Worth-buying Vape device. Without further ado, here they go:

    Worth-buying Vape device | 1 - Syiko Galax pod Starter Kit
     GLU S3 TC Pod Starter kit
    Here comes the Syiko Galax pod Starter Kit, It’s body shape is accord with human engineering to design, curved surface perfect fit the hand comfortably, moderate weight make you feel the high quality. The pod is hidden inside! Simple and elegant design show exquisite pattern design. Gorgeous 3D effect color, use the vacuum plating process. The frame adopts stainless steel wire drawing high end technology! High-class and unique effect! Please choose the 1.2 regular coil if you prefer the sweet fruit taste。Please choose the 0.6 mesh coil if you like have strong throat feeling。Big smog! It combines all the advantages of Pod and Mod. What’s more, Galax has gorgerous colors for you choice! You can customize your favorite color freely!

    Worth-buying Vape device | 2 - Rincoe Tix Pod System Kit
    Rincoe Tix Pod System Kit
    The Rincoe Tix Pod System Kit, coming with a lanyard, is designed fashionably for the convenience of on-the-go vaping. Powered by a great 1000mAh built-in battery with type-c charging, the Tix can easily serve your whole day vaping. Three voltage modes—3.3V, 3.65V, and full-battery output—is available for different vaping demand. Moreover, the Tix can satisfy both MTL and DTL vaping by utilizing the adjustable airflow system. 0.8ohm mesh coil and 1.0ohm regular coil are available. Together with the light indicator and multiple protections, the Rincoe Tix Pod System Kit can guarantee a safe and wonderful vaping trip for you!

    Worth-buying Vape device | 3 - RUI Refillable Pod System Kit
    RUI Refillable Pod System Kit
    The RUI Pre-filled Disposable Pod Kit is designed innovatively and ergonomically. The RUI Refillable Pod comes with 2ml refillable and is produced by 33 hand-made processes to enhance the taste. Due to the leakage proof and ergonomic design, you will find it easy and convenient to replace the pod. The innovative light design of the Battery makes it clearly for you to know the status of the Kit. Equipped Air pressure induction switch, in addition with a 350mAh rechargeable built-in battery, the RUI Pod Kit will produce a great flavor for you.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 4 - SMOK RPM 40 Pod System Kit
    SMOK RPM 40 Pod System Kit
    Here comes the SMOK RPM 40 Kit, It is a special vape device combining the advantages of both pod devices and box mods. It is small in size but has a battery capacity of 1500mAh and a power range of 1W-40W for you to adjust. RPM 40 is an ultra portable pod mod that shapes like a cuboid, and is covered with glossy finish and characteristic material, making the whole device look fancy and stylish. The internal IQ-R chip is a new one, shortening the firing time to 0.001S, and charging time to two hours. Besides, the newly designed RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil is designed for the best flavor and excellent vapor production. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience! Besides, here are various eight colors for you to choose from.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 5 - OZ Slide Side-Sliding Pod System Kit
    OZ Slide Side-Sliding Pod System Kit
    The OZ SLIDE pod system Kit features the world’s first side-sliding pod cartridge replacement. It comes with 1.5ml e-juice capacity and 1.8ohm Ni-80 coil. The OZ Slide adopts unique craftsmanship to offer a unique smooth texture feeling. Powered by 300mAh built-in battery, the OZ Slide can support around 300 – 450 puffs. Moreover, the right-side LCD screen makes will make it clear about the status of the battery. Convenient and powerful, the OZ Slide Side-Sliding Pod System Kit deserves your purchase.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 6 - Vaptio SLEEK Pod System Kit
    Vaptio SLEEK Pod System Kit
    The Vaptio SLEEK Pod System Kit is the first original pod system with magnetic all-metal shell and Generation 4 Diatomite Ceramic Atomizer to automatically adjust airflow based on the inhaling air volume of users, and to produce an adjustable flavor for users. A perfect size as small as a lighter enables you to take along with whenever you want and wherever you go. With a built-in detachable tank with Generation 4 diatomite ceramic atomizer and 400mAh battery to give you outstanding performance of strong absorbability, good e-liquid lock and excellent eat conductivity for faster firing and better taste.

    First and foremost, thank you all for reading through the Latest Worth-buying Vape device we list. We hope you can enjoy it, and hope the listing items can be helpful to your selection for your hearty Vape device. However, there are still many vape devices in the market we didn’t have and test and try. We must miss some new great vape device. Hence, if you know or have used some Pod Kits that impresses you so much or is equipped with high performance, we would appreciate it if you can leave comment to let us know. Thanks again for your reading.