12 Tips for Choosing the Best Mech Mods

  • How to Choose the Best Mech Mods? | 12 Tips You Must Know

    There are many types of mechanical modson the market, and the characteristics of the mech mods are the most important.

    Today i'll you show you 12 tips about choose the best mech mods.
    best mech mods

    1.Mech Mods Appearance
    The appearance is always in the first place, only you like the appearance of this mechanical mod, you can get along with it later.

    2.Mech Mods Specifications
    Is the 22mm mech rod or 24\25 or other sizes? If you are sure to use only 22mm in the future, then choose a 22mm mechanical mod. If you are not sure, it is recommended to choose a high specification, which can save you money. After all, the atomizer is not too awkward when it is small. If the mechanical mod is small, can't bring your a best vaping experience.

    3.Mech Mods Hand Fell
    This is especially important, even if it is more than the appearance of the rankings. The mech mod spends the longest time with our hands every day, and the feel must be refreshed.

    4.Mech Mod button feel
    It is recommended that the button of the mech mod must be chosen to be comfortable to press. It is not recommended to choose a special hard or special soft and no feel. For the specific feel of the mech mod, you can go to the store to experience it, or ask the people around you, it is ok. It is sloppy for this.

    5.Mech Mod Lock
    The mechanical mod itself has a lock, which is a very big advantage, and its own way of unlocking and locking is simple, and it is the biggest way to distinguish the mechanical mod.

    6.Mech Mod's Button and Battery contact method
    There are two ways of contact, permanent connection and semi-connection.

    The permanent connection means that the battery is permanently combined with the bottom contact of the mechanical lever, and the switch mechanical lever is inside the button.
    The semi-connection represents the normal state of the battery and the bottom contact of the mechanical rod. The pole is energized only when the ignition contact is pushed up.
    It is strongly recommended to choose the former, which will greatly reduce the formation of electric carbon, which is safer than comparison.


    7.Mech Mod Bottom Switch Category
    There is never a spring, apron and strong magnetic bottom switch who is definitely better than anyone else.
    Compared with the other two, the spring is easier to shape the excellent hand, but the quality of the spring is not good!
    The apron can greatly reduce the length of the bottom switch, and the structure is novel, but the service life is poor.
    Strong magnetic buttons have a relatively long life and a balanced feel, but they are easy to put in pockets to attract coins, which is annoying.

    8.Mech Mod pressure relief hole
    Try to select the mechanical rod with the pressure relief hole on the surface and the positive electrode facing upwards. The pressure relief hole is good at the top.

    9.Mech Mods'Top structure
    Whether it is straight-through or with a needle, in this era, this point is not particular. Hard to ask the difference between the two, the straight-through structure is simple, the output is direct, but there will be condensate infiltration from the bottom of the atomizer. The top pin with the needle is more secure and does not easily cause hazard to appear at the bottom electrode screw of the nebulizer.

    10.Mech Mods'materials
    Sterling silver is the most violent, followed by red copper, brass, stainless steel, aviation aluminum and so on.
    Of course, the density of pure silver is the highest, and the same volume is finally, about 10.49g\cm3.
    The density of red copper is second, about 8.9g\cm3.
    The density of brass is similar to that of red copper, which is about 8.5-8.8g\cm3.
    The density of stainless steel is 8g\cubic centimeter.

    11.Mech Mod's Button Contact Material
    Generally, there is a choice of red copper for copper. There are also brass brass and silver plating. What we want is that the contacts should be large, and the surface of the contacts should be smooth. It is not the material of the contact. It is a pure silver contact of several hundred soft sister coins, and the length is about one centimeter. How much conductivity can you improve compared to copper? At this point, each player's mind has their own ideas.

    12.Mech Mod's battery installation method
    Positive and reverse, has been discussed in the small group of players, here is not a factor that can influence us.
    If there is a best mech mod must be like this:
    The shape of the mech mod is symmetrical, has a comfortable grip, and has a smooth ignition feeling. At the same time, its buttons are locked, and the operation with the lock is very simple and effective. The battery and contacts are permanently connected, silver-plated inside, and the contacts work fine, smooth and delicate. The pressure relief hole is located at the positive pole of the battery, but the hole is large without damaging the appearance of the mechanical rod, and the top needle does not have a bloated body shape. Material sterling silver gold-plated scratch-resistant coating Positive and reverse, has been discussed in the small group of players, here is not a factor that can influence us. The density of aviation aluminum is 2.8g\cm3, the lightest, and the opposite is the worst. The above is the difference in the material, of course, there are white copper (hidden silver) material, manganese steel material, etc. These are generally more expensive, not here.

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