10 Latest Worth-buying Vape Device

  • 10 Latest Worth-buying Vape device

    With the rapid development of science and technology, there appears a lot of vape device with multiple function, thus bring a hesitation for buyers to choose a hearty one.

    Here, after testing the new coming product, the writer from BuyBest will list five latest product that worth your purchase. Without further ado, here they go:

    Worth-buying Vape device | 1 - Enovap Personal Vaporizer

     Enovap Personal Vaporizer

    Here comes the Enovap Personal Vaporizer, designed innovatively with two 2ml pod cartridges. The Enovap Pod is Interchangeable because of the plug system and is Liquid-tight to keep safety of the e-liquid. Adjustable airflow system is also available. The Enovap is powered by 18650 to bring you a high performance of working. Last but not least, you can download the APP into your smartphone and follow your vaping data, and keep track of your daily nicotine intake. The app learns from your use in order to offer you a personalized nicotine step-down program.

    The Enovap Pods and Enovap Protective Cover are also available in BuyBest.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 2 - Dovpo D-Salt

     Dovpo D-Salt Pod System Kit

    Here comes the Dovpo D-Salt Pod System Kit, a new generation of Pod System Kit. It is ergonomically designed Pod System a tube shape that has a loose auto-draw airflow for DTL vaping. The D-Salt comes with 2ml capacity of 0.5ohm mesh coil replaceable tank, and is powered by 1500mAh built-in battery. The ergonomic feel of this device serves your daily vaping needs, and even your on-the-go vaping. The LED light indicator will show you clearly about the battery status. Moreover, the D-Salt is designed to assist improving your daily nicotine intake. For example, when you are using a Free Base or Nicotine-Salt e-liquid.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 3 - Dovpo M VV II

     Dovpo M VV II Box Mod

    The Dovpo M VV II Box Mod is a new version of M VV, coming with new aesthetic colorful look and stylish and aggressive design. It's a high-performance potentiometer based mechanical mod. The Dovpo M VV II has the same features as the M VV—dual 18650 battery, 1.0V to 8.0V voltage range, maximum 280W power wattage. It also comes with several protections to provide you safe vaping environment. Moreover, the Dovpo M VV II has a built-in USB Type-C port inside the box, to make convenience of charging for you. The light indicator will also help you know clearly about the status of the battery. Affordable, attractive, amazing in performance, the Dovpo M VV II Box Mod is worthy of a purchase.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 4 - Oumier O1 VW

     Oumier O1 VW Pod System VW Kit

    Here comes the Oumier O1 VW Pod System VW Kit, with 2ml e-juice capacity and 650mAh built-in battery. Made of zinc alloy, it is durable enough for your daily use. By the working of 1.4ohm ceramic coil, the O1 will produce a pure and optimal flavor for. In addition with the adjustable wattage, it will easily meet your demand of taste. Moreover, the Oumier O1 makes it clearly to know the status of the battery. Come and get one Oumier O1 VW Pod System VW Kit for your vaping.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 5 - Eleaf Rotor

     Eleaf Rotor Mesh Tank

    Here comes the Eleaf Rotor Mesh Tank, aiming to produce better flavor than ever. Inspired by turbine engine, Eleaf first introduced a turbine system in the HW-T 0.2ohm coil. The small propeller within the HW-T 0.2ohm coil creates turbulence and swirl within the airflow. The vapor is more consistently distributed in turn to delivers an improved flavor. The No Spit-back design will make every vapor droplets fully Atomized, so that to enhance the efficiency of producing the flavor. Moreover, the Press & Slide design of filling provide ease of dropping the e-liquid.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 6 - Innokin JEM

     Innokin JEM Vape Pen Kit

    Here comes the JEM Pen Kit is an innovative and portable vape pen kit with beautiful colors and exquisite design. Consisted of 1000mAh built-in battery and 2ml JEM Pen tank, the Innokin JEM Pen supports 13W constant output with full safety protections and indicator light. Moreover, it features a visual e-juice window with simple twist top filling design to make filling easier. In addition with the innovative 1.6ohm Kanthal Coil and 2.0ohm Ceramic Coil, the JEM Pen Kit definitely will bring you an excellent vaping experience.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 6 - Innokin Adept

     Innokin Adept Starter Kit with Zlide Tank

    The Innokin Adept Starter Kit comes with built-in 3000mAh battery, the Innokin Adept Kit brings a powerful and long-lasting vape to users. The Innokin Adept adopts IP67 waterproof/dustproof/shockproof function to make the Innokin Adept a durable device for daily use. The a new Zlide Tank is equipped with child-proof function and popular Pleax3D Mesh Coil, the Innokin Zlide is compatible with Zenith Coils. The Innokin Adept Starter Kit has wattage adjustment function from 11W to 17W, meeting your different vaping needs.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 7 - JUSTFOG Q16 Pro

     JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Stater Kit


    Here comes the JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Stater Kit, with 1.9ml e-juice capacity and 900mAh built-in battery. The JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Clearomizer adopts an anti-leakage design to provide you an ease of e-liquid injection. In addition with an easy coil changing system and airflow control system, the Clearomizer will definitely bring you a good vaping experience. Comfortable in Size, the JUSTFOG Q16 Pro Battery is also available in USB charging. Together with the remaining battery indicators, the battery MOD will leave you a clear notice of the battery status. Moreover, it will produce a constant voltage which will give you a smooth and stable flavor. Six smart protections are considered to create a safe vaping environment for you.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 8 - Vaporesso PodStick

     Vaporesso PodStick Pod System Kit

    Adding a Pod to pen-style makes Vaporesso PodStick Pod System Kit, a most friendly use pod device with the ability of sub-ohm and MTL vaping. Designed with compact size and food-grade material, it is compatible to use and carry. PTF-on-top allows your quick and easy filling without taking out the Pod. In addition with the Hidden design, it is brings more convenience. The 5 Level LED Indicatior let you know clearly about the status of the battery. The PodStick Pod is best for restricted lung hit and is an ideal device for medium to low nicotine. Moreover, it has 5 times bigger contact area for faster heating and richer flavors, and increased airflow to boost flavor and cloud production.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 9 - Mylé AIO Kit

     Mylé All-in-One Starter Kit


    Here comes the Mylé All-in-One Starter Kit with 240mAh Extended battery for long lifespan, and 0.9ml pod cartridge. It can support nearly 240puffs. It is easy to carry and vape. The light indicators will also help you know clearly about the status of the battery.

    Worth-buying Vape device | 10 - HQOS Q3

     HQOS Q3 Heating Kit

    Here comes the new HQOS Q3 kit, with smaller size and more powerful battery. The HQOS Q3 Battery is made of platinum heating material, which makes it precise to control the temperature, and makes the smoke set durable. Powered by 950mAh battery and an AI chip, the HQOS Q3 can track the vaping status, automatically adjust the heating temperature, in addition with the Intelligent constant temperature program, to make the best taste of each mouth. Moreover, the HQOS Q3 saves energy and prevents overheating. More protections are available as Low voltage protection, Overheat protection, Overshoot protection, Overcurrent protection, High and low resistance, Short circuit protection.

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