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  • BuyBest 10 Best Pod System Kits

    With the rapid development of science and technology, there pops up a new kind of portable vaporizer — Pod System Kit, which is designed in an ergonomically handy and portable design. The Pod System Kit is suitable for those who want a go-and-vape experience. Usually, the battery capacity of a Pod System Kit is not that powerful than the Box MOD, but some new coming Pod System Kit is also featured with various voltage that Box Mod has.

    Because the Pod System Kit is designed for the go-and-vape experience, the factory is also concentrating on the appearance design, to make the device elegant and decent in hand. The other most advantage of the Pod kit is that most of the Pod Kits are cheap, cheaper than other kind of Kits in the current market, and most vaper can afford to buy one.

    Here after testing and comparison between hundreds of Pod System Kits, the writer from BuyBest recommend the Top 10 Pod System Kit as a reference for vapers to make a hearty choose of their preferred Pod Kit:

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 10 - VXV RB Battery-Replaceable Pod System Kit
    VXV RB Battery-Replaceable Pod System Kit
    Unlike other Pod System Kit, the battery of the VXV RB is changeable, together with the charging dock, it is suitable for you whole day vaping.

    The VXV RB is a most convenient Pod System Kit, coming with one expanding dock, three spare 380mAh batteries and two 2ml and 1.4 ohm pod cartridges to solve the short battery life problem that most Pod Kits have. It is easy to be charged and replaced, by the cooperation of the three batteries. And the Charging dock will additionally bring you a great convenience of carrying and charging. Multiple protections like low voltage protection, over-time protection, over-heating protection, etc. are adopted to guarantee you a safe vaping experience.

    An innovative Pod Kit with portable charging and stocking case, the VXV RB is also small for you to carry everywhere and vape any time.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 9 - SMOK Trinity Alpha Resin Pod Starter Kit
    SMOK Trinity Alpha Resin Pod Starter Kit
    Here is the resin SMOK Trinity Alpha Resin Kit, comes with good appearance and performance.

    Measuring 91 x 38x 16mm, the SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod is compatible with Nord coils. By the working of mesh coil and MTL coil, the Kit can create great flavor for you and bring you an amazingly good vaping trip. An innovative push-up-type filling system which makes refilling easier is considered in the design of Trinity Alpha Kit. Three levels of powers are optional. That can support different need of your vaping taste. Don't hesitate to buy one for your vaping trip.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 8 - Eleaf Tance Max Pod System Kit
    Eleaf Tance Max Pod System Kit
    The Eleaf Tance Max is an upgraded version of Eleaf Tance The Eleaf Tance Max comes with a 1100mAh built-in Tance battery to reach a max output of 20W, and 4ml/2ml Tance Max Cartridge.

    The amazing feature is that it supports type-C charging, so that you can charge it in a quite short time. The Tance Max uses tri-color LED lights to easily show the battery level. The Tance Max Pod Cartridge adopts GS Air M 0.6ohm Coil Head and GS Air S 1.6ohm. Multiple colors for your choice: Black, Trick, Geometry, SeaShell, White, SeaBlue.

    Ergonomically designed with elegant appearance, the Eleaf Tance is also equipped refined airflow system to adjust your favorable airflow.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 7 - Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit
    Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit
    The Suorin Air Plus is also an upgraded version of Suorin Air, coming with larger size, e-liquid and battery capacity, and higher performance.

    It comes with 3.2ml large juice capacity and 930mAh huge battery capacity to meet your urgent needs for a whole-day vaping! Portable and comfortable in hand, we bet it will be one of the best Pod System Kits for you! The Suorin Air Plus features 5-level LED indicator to show you clearly the battery status. Available in various colors. Come and buy one Suorin Air Plus Pod System Kit, and start your amazing vaping trip.

    Designed simply but elegant and decent in hand, the Suorin Air Plus is really a good choice for commercial occasions.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 6 - OneVape Lambo Ⅱ Pod Starter Kit

    OneVape Lambo Ⅱ Pod Starter Kit
    The Lambo Ⅱ is a more smart pod system starter kit, which comes with two innovative pod cartridges: One pod comes with 1.6ohm cotton coil for regular e-juice, while the other one adopts 1.0ohm ceramic coil which is optimized for CBD oil. Different Coils to meet your different vaping needs easily. Moreover, the OneVape Lambo Ⅱ features new airflow system with side intake, anti-dry, leakproof and airflow split design which effectively prevent fried liquid. In addition with the airflow switch with independent closed channel, the Lambo 2 kit is definitely an excellent device.

    Consisting of 360mAh built-in battery and 2ml cartridge, the Lambo Ⅱ is definitely a great daily vape device for vapers.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 5 - Sense Orbit Pod Starter Kit
    Sense Orbit Pod Starter Kit
    The Sense Orbit Pod System Kit is a button triggered device that is designed with ultra-portable system.

    It adopts 2.5ml e-juice capacity, one 0.6ohm mesh replaceable coil for DTL vaping and one 1.1ohm coil for MTL vaping. Sense Orbit Pod Starter Kit can surely provide you a great vaping experience and meet your different demand of vaping. What’s more, Featuring soft/normal/strong modes and 1100mAh build-in battery, Sense Orbit pod kit aims to serve your tongue well by bring you the optimal taste with the working of multiple levels with powerful endurance.

    Designed for DL and MTL vapers, the Sense Orbit will bring you a lung-hitting experience!

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 4 - MOTI Pre-filled/Refillable Pod System Kit
    MOTI Pre-filled/Refillable Pod System Kit
    The MOTI Pod System Kit comes with two kind of Pod Cartridges for you selection—Disposable Pod Cartridge and refillable Pod Cartridge.

    Equipped with 1.8ml e-juice capacity and 500mAh built-in battery, it can support your 650 - 800 puffs long vaping time. The auto-firing design will free your hands to firing button and brings you a lot convenience. Moreover, the MOTI Pod System Kit comes with a ceramic coil that will produce the purest flavor for you. And it features multiple protections like dry prevent, leakage prevent, to provide you a safe vaping environment.

    Portable in size, the MOTI Pod System Kit is also in high performance in working and cost. It deserves your purchase.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 3 - Onevape Golden Ratio Pod Starter Kit
    Onevape Golden Ratio Pod Starter Kit
    Different from other Pod System Kit is designed with a different shape, and bigger capacity built-in battery.

    With simple yet exquisite design, the Golden Ratio Pod Kit consists of 1100mAh built-in battery to achieve a Power Range of 10-25W, and 2ml refillable cartridge to prevent leakage problem. With unique side airflow adjustment and, it can provide easy airflow adjustment and bring smooth airflow & optimal flavor. Moreover, the Golden Ratio Kit comes with two innovative coils: one 1.2ohm Regular MTL Coil for Nicotine E-liquid and CBD oil, one 0.6ohm Mesh Coil for Non-Nicotine E-liquid.

    All in all, the Onevape Golden Ratio Pod Kit is definitely a great daily vape device for beginners and the experienced.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 2 - Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Starter Kit
    Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod Starter Kit
    One of the continuously heated Pod System Kit, friendly price and good performance.

    With a pocket-friendly design, Vaporesso Renova Zero consists of a 650mAh built-in battery and a 2ml refillable Pod Cartridge. the Vaporesso Zero kit will bring you an simple yet amazing vaping. Moreover, the Zero pod kit features an innovative filling system- Press to Fill (PTFTM) which allows easy filling and improved leak prevention. It also comes with a unique CCELL Coil optimized for high nicotine satisfaction. It is also equipped with Auto Temperature Control, Quick Charging System, easy On/Off Button with battery indicator.

    The Renova Zero is a truly compact device for on the go vaping, good in price and working performance.

    10 Best Pod System Kit | Top 1 - Geekvape Frenzy Pod Kit

    Innovative in design, the Geekvape Frenzy is small (a palm’s size) but with a powerful battery and high performance.

    The Geekvape Frenzy is designed to pursue the ultimate user experience. Designed with pure elegant and beautiful, zinc alloy and resin pattern, it will bring you a visual enjoyment. Powered by the AS Micro Chipset, Frenzy Pod Kit is one of the most advanced Pod system Kit in Geekvape family and can be compatible with the replaceable NS coil system. Moreover, the Refined NS mesh coil system will provide you a maximized flavor of the e-juice. By the working of 950mAh built-in battery and LED light indicator, you will easily know the battery status. We bet it will not let you down, both in the performance, and price. It is worthy of your purchase.

    Conclusion: First and foremost, thank you all for reading through the Best Portable Vaporizers - TOP10 Pod System Kit we list. We hope you can enjoy it, and hope the listing items can be helpful to your selection for your hearty Pod System Kits. However, there are still many Pod Kits in the market we didn’t test and try. We must miss some great Pod System Kits. Hence, if you know or have used some Pod Kits that impresses you so much or is equipped with high performance, we would appreciate it if you can leave comment to let us know. We will compile it in the next Top 15, Top 20… after testing. Thanks again for your reading.

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