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The Tomorrow Of Smart Sex Dolls And Sex Robots

  • November 16, 2021

    The Tomorrow Of Smart Sex Dolls And Sex Robots
    Although inflatable plastic explosive dolls still exist and are quite practical, the trend in the love doll industry is obvious: inflatable love dolls belong to yesterday, today belong to reality dolls, and tomorrow belong to smart dolls and sex robots.To get more news about coco shoes, you can visit official website.
    The standard today is true flat chest sex doll. The doll is full body, almost all details include face and hair, especially the vagina (or penis), mouth and anus. Due to joint movement, their limbs and head can move, and the range of movement is larger than normal (well, you may want to manipulate the doll in a certain yoga master level without breaking the yoga). Therefore, these lifelike love dolls can lie down, sit down, kneel down and even stand up.

    Of course, people are losing more than just interpersonal relationships. To be honest, all this isolation and distancing can be very boring. If you always feel restless and uncomfortable, then you are not alone. Maybe you have tried baking, learning a new language or exercising to fill up your time.
    That's great! Have you considered spending some free time exploring sexual fantasies? Think about it. When people have too much free time, they often make unhealthy behaviors. If you have a male sex doll, you can exercise your body and imagination!
    Have you been watching your favorite anime shows frantically? You can use one of our fantasy or anime sex dolls to create and execute some awesome scenes!
    The material used is silicone or Japanese sex doll (thermoplastic elastomer) for skin and metal skeleton. You can guess more of the story from the price range, and you are right. The metal used for the skeleton can be steel that can be dry, or it can be a more expensive material, such as lighter, more durable, and more flexible.
    TPE sex dolls are generally cheaper than silicones, especially when we talk about medical grade or platinum silicones. TPE is softer, feels good, and is very flexible. It can stretch a lot and still maintain its original shape. It is also lighter than silicone.
    Are you unwilling to be a skilled and confident lover? Think about it. When you can make skin contact with other people, don’t you want this experience to be great? This is a great time to use silicone sex doll to learn to lie in bed longer and improve your sex skills!