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Reusing Old Gold To Make A New Wedding Ring

  • November 16, 2021

    Reusing Old Gold To Make A New Wedding Ring

    Making a new wedding ring from old gold, collaborating in old wedding ring redesign, or creating new jewelry from old jewelry is our specialty! To get more news about custom jewelry maker, you can visit official website.

    Having your grandmother's wedding rings or gold jewelry redesigned into a necklace allows you to wear that connection to your ancestors. Plus, reusing your old gold can save you money $$$!

    If you want to repurpose old earrings, bracelets, an engagement ring or wedding ring into new jewelry or rings — or are considering converting a ring to a necklace in a jewelry redesign process — our jewelry company, established in 1995, is what you've been looking for!
    Regardless of where you decide to work, this article — divided into four easy to read sections — probably provides the most complete information on repurposing jewelry you'll find anywhere online.

    1. Case studies: Take a quick look at examples of our old wedding redesign and custom jewelry from old jewelry projects.

    2. How do we redesign old jewelry into new? Enter our studio to how we redesign jewelry and make old wedding rings into a new wedding ring.

    3. Costing $$$: What will your jewelry redesign project cost? Some of our redesign old jewelry project have a fixed price, while for others you'll have to contact me for a quote. The good news is, we have ideas to cut costs!

    4. About us: This covers the issue of trust, who we are and what we're capable of in our repurposing jewelry projects.

    We melted the white gold ring on the left and created the domed comfort fit wedding ring on the right. You can have any finish you want—hammered, as shown above, high polish, or matte.

    We fabricated these custom designer rings entirely by hand in our Santa Fe studio. The designs shown to the right are actually variations on items in our existing jewelry line.

    We set the diamond in what we call our open mount, which we can use in any ring, as shown here. This setting is particularly great if you have an active lifestyle, because the diamond is low set. Here, one of our customers choose to make our Donegal Engagement Ring design using his gold and his grandmother's nearly 2-carat diamond. You can see below the material he gave us on the left — except for the diamond which I had immediately removed for safe keeping.

    In the second case, a customer wanted us to create something innovative with the gold from a wedding ring that had been her grandfather’s. She also had a bracelet with several diamonds on it that she wanted incorporated into the ring. I don’t have the before image in this case, just the after.

    Even if you don't know what design direction you want, we can assist because our are a custom jewelry design house.