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Da Vinci DC100 series electric bicycle.

  • October 19, 2021

    Da Vinci DC100 series electric bicycle.

    Da Vinci Technology

    Chinese start-up Da Vinci technology has been trying to realize its first electric vehicle cycle in the past seven years, aiming to become the most convenient, Safe and pleasant transportation in the whole motorcycle industry. The company's prototype underwent a series of redesign, improvement and revision, and was finally considered to be ready for release in the name of DC100.To get more news about davinci, you can visit official website.

    Electric bicycle Da Vinci DC100

    Da Vinci DC100 is described as a "two wheeled robot" because it has a complex electronic sensor network designed to make the electric bicycle as safe and efficient as possible. Its ingenious electronic filler, as well as battery and power unit, are hidden under a huge single board, giving the DC100 its unique future appearance. Da Vinci DC100 electronics enable it to measure the temperature of the surrounding air, batteries and motors, The position in space is similar to the multi axis of many modern motorcycles.

    Da Vinci also introduced a new driving assistance system that allows smooth driving and maintains stability and traction at low speeds. Just like in cars, riders can turn on "d" mode on the selector, and the electric bicycle will automatically accelerate to 7 kilometers per hour. The DC100 sensor enables it to determine cornering and grade, and uses different slope assistance algorithms (such as engine braking during descent) by determining rise or fall.

    Da Vinci DC100 is also equipped with a track control system, similar to the traditional top motorcycle system. The sensor detects the speed difference between the front and rear wheels and reduces traction if the rear wheels start to slip. Another feature of Chinese electric bicycles is the regenerative braking system, which returns part of the energy to the battery when braking or decelerating. E-bike software will be upgraded in the air, just like the firmware of modern smart phones, so that car owners can upgrade e-bikes in the garage, No workshop.

    The exact performance of the battery and DC 100 engine is unclear. However, Da Vinci's first model has far-reaching plans: a fast charging system is being developed, which can increase the charging capacity from zero to 85% in 15 minutes, According to modern standards, this is an impressive charging time.