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World of Warcraft Hallow's Eve 2021

  • October 18, 2021

    Once again it's the time of year where we start to look towards the Hallow's Eve event in World of Warcraft. The annual Halloween event brings us brand new pets, cosmetics, mounts, transmogs and much more!To get more news about buy wow gold paypal, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    The appeal of the event is aided by the fact that much of the content is only available during the two-week event. Nothing gets players interested like limited-time content!

    In WoW canon, Hallow's Eve is the celebration of the end of the harvest season but also a nod to the date that the Forsaken were freed from the control of the nefarious Lich King.Last year, Hallow's Even began on 18 October and ended on 1 November. We expect the 2021 edition to use similar dates if not exactly the same.

    Content for Hallow's Eve will come not only to the more recent version of Wow but also the Classic / TBC servers although likely not to the same degree.

    Players from Shadowlands can expect the full experience including new quests, achievements, cosmetics, mounts, pets and much more. The Shade of the Horseman event could also return which was a random real-time event.Each hour, a Shade of the Horseman would attack Goldshire, Kharanos or Azure Watch for Alliance players. Horde players would need to keep an eye on Razor Hill, Falconwing Square or Brill.

    During the attack, you can try and reduce the amount of damage and destruction carried out by the Horseman. If successful, you can earn special gifts with Hallow's Eve themed rewards.

    For those of you in Classic / TBC servers, new quests and content will be available but don't expect things to get too out of hand. Unique loot may be available from certain high-level monsters but this is yet to be confirmed.While there's still plenty of parse data to come, it seems the landscape for the best DPS in WoW Classic TBC is still largely the same, with Warlocks, Hunters, and Mages as the heaviest hitters. One change however is that Warriors are catching up thanks to some incredible scaling and long cooldowns.

    For the Best Healers in WoW Classic TBC Phase 2, things are a bit more complicated. Parse data for healers is far from a complete story, and more indicative of how a kill happened than the power of any given class. Still, when factoring in raw numbers as well as raid utility - it seems Priests are the top healers in WoW Classic TBC Phase 2, with Resto Shaman just barely behind.

    For the best Tanks in WoW Classic TBC Phase 2, things are very simple, and largely remain the same as Phase 1. This is that Warriors remain the best single-target tanks in the expansion, Paladins remain the best multi-target tanks in the expansion, and Druids lie right in-between on both with the potential to flex as a DPS with the same talent tree when a bear isn't needed.