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  • 408

    Development Prospect of Intelligent Car Assembly Line

    As the labor cost continues to increase, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to the field of industrial car assembly line equipment, especially intelligent assembly line equipment, which is not as simple as traditional standard...  more
    led by ri mei

  • 413

    Learn Considerations of Buying Mens Rubber Rain Boots

    Tip of the Foot
    The Mens Rubber Rain Boots is a good fit when you have ample space at the tip to be able to comfortably move your toes. The heel should lift up without any problem, but if it slams when you walk, the boot is quite possible too large. It...  more
    led by hu jin

  • 423

    Types of Plastic Compression Springs Are Introduced

    There are a variety of Plastic Compression Springs on the market that vary in length, size and material. When choosing a spring for your valve part, it is important that you review the choices on offer so that you can enjoy an optimum performance from...  more
    led by Jin hong

  • 470

    Considerations When Choosing Hydraulic Air Bottle Jacks

    Air or pump

    Some hydraulic air bottle jacks are powered by an electric air compressor, while others utilize a manual hand pump. Air hydraulic pumps are commonly used in mechanic shops, where there is a constant need for a steady jack. They're easier to...  more
    led by Ming rui

  • 378

    Learn Environmental Impacts of Sublimation Polyester Fabric

    The sublimation Polyester fabric is cheap and versatile and for that reason it has become ubiquitous in fashion, but the environmental impacts of polyester are also significant. Before we delve into the environmental impacts of this textile, it is worth...  more
    led by Tian fu111

  • 445

    Try to Know Benefits of Wearing Ladies Rubber Rain Boots

    The primary purpose of footwear is to provide comfort and protection for wearers against harsh conditions. This is why many prefer wearing ladies rubber rain boots since they ensure feet protection, warmth, and comfort.

    But did you know that rain boots...  more
    led by hu jin

  • 426

    Plastic Compression Springs Becomes

      With the development of Plastic Compression Springsapplication technology, more requirements are put forward for plastic compression springs materials. Mainly in terms of improving fatigue life and anti-relaxation performance under high stress;...  more
    led by Jin hong

  • 402

    Factors Affecting the Service Life of PVC Cabinet Board

    The PVC cabinet board has good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, high strength, high strength, aging resistance, self-extinguishing, reliable insulation performance, smooth and smooth surface, no water absorption, no deformation,...  more
    led by jianguan ccc

  • 417

    Accessories for Double-speed Car Assembly Line Are Introduced

    Since the double-speed chain car assembly line, many people will feel that their usual work has become a lot easier, and the amount of work done every day in the past was very small, but now it has become more with the help of equipment, but it does not...  more
    led by ri mei

  • 414

    Injection Mold Maker Tells Important Features of Products

    Plastic molding, one of the most vital process required, is required to taken into utilize to shape plastic using a rigid frame or mould. Not to mention the way of using technique that allows for the creation of objects of all shapes and sizes with huge...  more
    led by Jin hong