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    What Should You Do to Car Assembly Line?

    Popularized in manufacturing, the principle of a car assembly line is where each worker is assigned a repeatable task, and where the process moves to the worker who performs another task until the product is completed. A way to produce mass goods...  more
    led by ri mei

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    Curtain Rod Manufactuers Recommends Curtain Rod

    Curtain rods are mainly made of aluminum, iron, and solid wood. The prices of products with different materials vary greatly, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds. Curtain rod Manufacturers recommended that you choose a better window rod, because it...  more
    led by fenghao tommy

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    PP Compression Fitting Is Easy to Assemble

    A pp compression fitting is a type of coupling used to connect two pipes or a pipe to a fixture or valve. It consists of three parts... the compression nut, the compression ring, and the compression seat.

    The pipe is slid into the fitting (in this case...  more
    led by fitting tony

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    What Are Unique Advantages of Heat Transfer Machine?

    With people's demand for personalized items, traditional printing technology has been difficult to meet, so a new technology heat transfer machine came out. Its use value is very large, it is difficult to compare with traditional printing. So what are...  more
    led by gao bao

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    The Perfect Structure and Application Value of PVC Cabinet Board

    PVC cabinet board: PVC, the full name is Polyvinylchlorid, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other components are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, etc. The top layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main...  more
    led by jianguan ccc

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    The Application Scope of Food Can Making Machine

    The small Food Can Making Machine can work as a stand-alone machine or can cooperate with the conveyor line for assembly line production. The small can sealing machine not only improves the production capacity and filling efficiency of the small can...  more
    led by Gold Eagle

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    1’s Commercial Director Partner Services’s Commercial Director Partner Services
    led by z2u game

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    Care About Future Development of Car Assembly Line

    With the development of the automobile industry and parts industry, the technical level of car assembly line has also been greatly improved. Domestic attention has been paid to the assembly and factory tests that directly affect the quality and service...  more
    led by ri mei

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    Recommendations Given By Curtain Rod Manufactures

    1. Layer Your Curtains
    Curtain rod Manufacturers said that you can’t go wrong with layering curtains in the living room. This method is functional, practical and appealing to the eye, making it a winner in our books.

    Layered curtains add depth to the...  more
    led by fenghao tommy

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    Main Properties of PP Quick Connect Fitting in Industry

    As a new type of pipe, homopolymer IPS pipe has obvious performance characteristics. The energy consumption and thermal conductivity of IPS pipe are low. Application in hot water system will greatly reduce heat loss. In the production process of pp quick...  more
    led by fitting tony