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  • Motorized Shades Blinds Company introduces how to adjust the electric curtain motor?

    1. Before adjusting the stroke, first separate the motor of the electric curtain opening and closing and closing curtain from the transmission box of the track, so that the pulley of the track is in the end position of fully open and fully closed. Then, remove the motor tail cover, you can see the left and right knobs, which are represented by and respectively.

    2. There is a positioning lock piece between the two knobs. Rotate the positioning lock plate toward the knob, and then push the knob in. You can see from the transparent housing that the gear is not in the gear state. At this point, you can use your fingers to turn the knob, and you can perform forward and reverse rotation to make the grooves on the three groove rings align in a straight line. After hearing the "click" sound of the micro switch,You can see that it worked. Pull out the knob slightly to bring the gear into meshing state, and the adjustment of the knob is finished.

    3. Adjust the knob to turn the positioning locking piece onto the knob, and then press the knob to disengage the gear. Repeat all the adjustments of the above knobs to make the positioning micro switch enter the short-circuit state.

    4. Install the motor on the track transmission box, and then push the pin piece into the transmission box to fix it. Turn on the power and use the switch of the controller to turn on the electricPower on the machine, and then turn the locking plate toward the knob; then push the knob in and rotate it slightly. At this time, the curtain opens or closes. When the desired position is reached, immediately cut off the power to the motor, and gently pull out the button to bring the gear into the meshing position.

    5. Switch the direction of the motor through the switch of the controller, push the locking piece to the knob, push the knob in and rotate it slightly, then immediately cut off the power of the motor, and then gently pull out the knob to move the gear into the gear meshing position.

    6. When the knob and gear are in gear transmission, the electric curtain is adjusted.

    7. Tighten the back cover with screws, so that the positioning lock piece is fixed.

  • 10/1/21 at 1:00 AM -
    10/31/21 at 1:00 AM
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