RuneScape sets a new record in 2019


    RuneScape has been running for nearly 20 years since the 21st century. Nevertheless, RuneScape is still showing strong explosive power on MMO.

    Many of these numbers are especially driven by Old School RuneScape, but all of this tells the game that the game attracted more than one million paying users in 2019. Now more and more players want to have more OSRS Gold in exchange for more powerful equipment upgrades.

    Jagex's RuneScape franchise reached its highest membership number ever in 2019. The company said in a press release that RuneScape and Old School RuneScape attracted more than 1.1 million paying users. Also, there are millions of free services. user.

    Old School RuneScape reached its highest daily active player count in 2019, thanks in large part to the mobile version launched the previous year. The mobile version has now been installed more than 8 million times. 2019 also marks the highest number of members in the history of the series-although every day may be the newest number of members in history unless the old account is constantly being deleted.

    Fan-making tools that track the number of players officially reported show how the numbers are broken down in different versions of the game. Players can choose to Buy Runescape Gold on so that they can quickly upgrade to the part they like and get great help.