Old School RuneScape launched a new competition model of Twiste


    With the launch of a new challenge mode (League), Old School RuneScape has become more competitive and can be used by both PC and mobile players. Twisted League allows players to compete with each other to complete the mission, unlock the huge power increase called "Relic" and upgrade as quickly as possible to become the top player in the league.

    If you want to stand out from the competition in the game, you must have a strong enough level and preparation. If you have enough RS Gold, you can buy these and easily win the game.

    Players use new Iron Man or Iron Man characters in each league for new adventures and earn powerful relics by completing missions. The internal tasks have different levels of difficulty depending on the level. The more relics that are released, the more quickly the player can win, and the rewards can be used in future leagues, or can be used as currency in the alliance reward store and transferred to the main game.

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    But the road to victory is tortuous, and each time-limited league has its own set of rules. Twisted League restricts players to the Kourend and Kebos areas, and any player attempting to escape from these areas will be teleported back to the rebirth point.