Oxygen Mask Mould-5 Medical Oxygen Mask Features

  • (1) Oxygen mask: It is mainly composed of nose clip, mask, elastic band, mask connector, oxygen tube, conical connector, etc.

    (2) Adjustable mask: mainly composed of nose clip, mask, oxygen concentration regulator, elastic band, conical joint, conversion joint, atomizing joint, etc .;

    (3) Non-respiratory mask: mainly composed of oxygen bag, oxygen bag connector, conversion connector, side hole, mask, nose clip, elastic band, conical connector, oxygen tube, conical interface, mask connector, etc.

    (4) Atomization mask: It is mainly composed of nose clip, face mask, conversion joint, elastic band, atomization tank, conical joint, oxygen tube, conical interface, etc.

    (5) Cut mask: It is mainly composed of elastic bands, cut mask, spherical joints, curved joints, etc.

    Main performance and structure: The oxygen storage system is composed of mask, oxygen storage bag, T-shaped tee, oxygen delivery catheter and fixed components.

    Uses: Used for patients with dyspnea and hypoxic oxygen.

    Usage: Oxygen is directly injected into the oxygen storage bag, the mask is placed on the patient's face, and the mouth and nose are sealed. The mask is fixed to the patient's head using a fixing member to perform oxygen absorption.


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